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Supply Sergeant PH is your premier destination for high-quality PVC schooling and training patches designed specifically for military and law enforcers. These patches, fondly known as "kurkurantong," are a must-have addition to your uniform. Our PVC patches are crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, ensuring they withstand the rigors of training and active duty, making them superior to traditional embroidered patches.


When you wear your "kurkurantong" with our PVC patches, you elevate your gear to a whole new level. Unlike embroidered patches, PVC patches offer enhanced durability, water-resistance, and resistance to fading and wear. They are perfect for demanding environments, ensuring your patch remains vibrant and intact throughout your missions and training exercises. With a wide variety of designs and custom options available, you can proudly display your unit insignias, morale-boosting emblems, and training achievements with style and distinction. WEAR YOUR KURKURANTONG WITH PRIDE!

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